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What Is An “Independent Contractor”?

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A Foreign Language Service - Afls

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Career Opportunities with AFLS We are always looking for talented office staff. We are the only interpreting and translating services in the Phoenix. . .

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What Is An “Independent Contractor”?

A Foreign Language Service - Afls

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Career Opportunities with AFLS

We are always looking for talented office staff.

We are the only interpreting and translating services in the Phoenix metro area offering our clients over 400 languages to choose from for on-site interpreters and document translating. As an industry leader, A Foreign Language Service provides documentation and interpreting services in widely-used, rare, emerging, indigenous, and endangered languages from around the world, including American Sign Language (ASL). We serve clients in the Mesa, the local Metropolitan Phoenix area, statewide in Arizona, across the United States, and globally.

If you are driven by the need to bring understanding to businesses facing the language barrier, we want to hear from you. As we continue to grow, we anticipate having more internal career opportunities available. You can call us at (480) 813-4242 or visit us on LinkedIn to find out more information about current career opportunities and job openings.

We love working with a diverse group of professional interpreters and translators, and we would love to hear from you!


Are you interested in working with AFLS as a contractor and furthering your career?

We are always looking for qualified interpreters to join our team.

We look for the very best interpreters across the U.S. who can help us fill appointments nationwide.

Please contact us our Recruiting Coordinator to submit your resume at recruiter@400languages.com.

What is an “Independent Contractor”?

Our interpreters are all independent contractors, meaning that they work for themselves and set their own schedules. They can accept or decline assignments based on their personal preference, daily routines, family needs, or other obligations and criteria.

Application Process

After the prospective interpreter expresses an interest in contracting with AFLS, he/she is provided with an application packet via email. This packet contains several forms that request the individual to list their education, language skills, work experience, and other qualifications/certifications. Additionally, AFLS requires additional materials such as Code of Ethics, HIPAA forms, a Confidentiality Agreement, and a current resume. After the receipt of the completed packet, our recruiter reviews it and then contacts the potential interpreter for an interview. During the interview, our recruiter will then discuss AFLS’s expectations of our contractors, assignment process, and answer any questions that you may have.

We like to highlight the best skills sets in our interpreters and what makes these individuals uniquely suited for their assignments as our clients really appreciate this information. So much so that it is quite common for us to receive repeated requests for a specific interpreter after their initial assignment!

On-Site Orientation

Occasionally, AFLS will host on-site orientations (for those who are local to Phoenix, AZ) or via teleconference to update our contractors on changes in federal and state regulations, courtroom etiquette, and other topics that need to be addressed. It is also an opportunity for new interpreters and translators to introduce themselves to other members of AFLS.

What are the benefits of working as a contractor with AFLS? There are many such as the following:

Helping people! Working as an interpreter and/or a translator yields so many opportunities for you to meet new people and assist with their communication and comprehension efforts.

Work variety. One day you may be at the local courthouse assisting with interpretation while on another day you may be translating important documents.

Strengthening your resume. As our population becomes more diverse, the need for language services will only increase. You will gain valuable experience contracting with AFLS which you then can use to highlight your resume.

Ability to travel and explore different geographic locations (based on needs of the assignment).

Pleasecontact ustoday for more information if you are interested.

If you are interested in becoming a qualified interpreter for us in Arizona, we provide the official State of Arizona complete credentialing here.