Data Analyst

Job Type: Full time , Salary: $ 11 hour

Category: Operations Management

Posted On: 01/13/2021


Logan, UT, United States

Data Analyst Job Description


Utility meters are the electronic gauges you may have noticed on the side of homes, apartment buildings, etc. Typically each address will have a gas, electric, and water meter. The purpose of the meters is to track how much of each utility is used so that the utility companies can accurately charge each property/address for their monthly utility usage.

The purpose of a Meter Data Analyst at Conservice is to review the monthly usage of our client's utilities, making sure that the usage makes sense and is available to our billing team. 

In this role, you will act as a liaison between other Conservice team members and our Meter Technicians to make sure that meters are functioning properly and that the meter reads are correctly recorded each month.

A knowledge of meters and utilities is not needed. That can be taught! We are looking for applicants with good attitudes who enjoy analyzing data and problem-solving!


-Pull reads from different systems (some will be automatic, some are manually read by technicians and sent to Conservice)

-Set up properties to pull reads automatically, where applicable

-Help other teams within Conservice with questions about the meter reads 

Additional responsibilities (as needed):

-Forward incoming manual read sheets to the billing team

-Help data manager to remotely troubleshoot metering systems as needed


Ability to work independently
Good computer skills
Familiarity with Microsoft Excel
Familiarity with Google products (Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Drive, etc)
Excellent verbal and written communication skills
Excellent organization and time management skills
Comfortable receiving inbound and making outbound phone calls
Strong problem solving and troubleshooting skills

Prior meter/utility knowledge is not needed! We are prepared to train and teach utility knowledge. We are the utility experts!

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