Jobiak Launches AllJobs Platform: How This Free-to-Use AI-Based Platform Is Changing Online Recruitment

As a result of the pandemic and other current events in the year 2020, unemployment has skyrocketed in the United States. Currently, there are ~11 million people unemployed in the US, with the US Labor Department reporting that hiring has slowed down in recent months.

With only around 4 million open jobs listed on the most popular job boards and sites, job seekers are finding it immensely difficult to apply to, and access, relevant jobs. 

This impacts employers as well, who are seeing open jobs remain unfulfilled for months at a time and who must sort through hundreds of unqualified applicants. 

This disconnect is a result of poor options for recruitment online. Job boards are expensive and overly confusing for many employers to use on their own. There also hasn’t been a central location where job seekers (and employers!) can find and search through all available jobs on the market.

Until now.

Jobiak has just launched its newest platform: the AllJobs Global Jobs Distribution Platform.

This one platform has the potential to change everything about recruitment marketing and online recruitment. It also has the potential to help reduce unemployment and get the country back on its feet after the struggle and hardship of this pandemic.

So, what is AllJobs? It’s the next biggest thing in recruitment technology

Let’s take a more in-depth look at our newest platform and how it works to solve many common issues with online recruiting that employers and job seekers have.

What Is AllJobs?

AllJobs is a Global Jobs Distribution Platform (GJDP) that provides a one-stop source of all available jobs in real-time. The AllJobs GJDP is an industry first where over 90 percent of online jobs are consolidated in one spot.  

Be it access to missing jobs in one vertical or a particular location or job type, AllJobs allows our partners, job seekers, employers, and more to gain access to the jobs they need and give them a strong competitive differentiation. GJDP is what Sabre was for the travel industry!

Recognizing the need to help during the pandemic, Jobiak has decided to launch the AllJobs job board right now as a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative in order to better help employers and job seekers alike. 

It’s our hope that this innovative and unique job board will fast track the reduction of unemployment and help the country get back on its feet.

With highly optimized search capabilities, real-time updates, and jobs that cannot be found anywhere else, this is the first platform of its kind. Job seekers don’t need to worry about signing up or giving out their information, and employers don’t need to worry about creating and optimizing their job posts.

“During the pandemic, we’re ensuring universal access to 100% of available jobs in realtime,” says CEO and founder Venkat Janapareddy. “[We believe this will] help 11m+ unemployed people find jobs quickly and help millions of employers fill critical jobs.”

AllJobs is a new, innovative, and completely unique Job Board that will truly change how everyone applies and looks for jobs online. It was designed with the common problems and obstacles job seekers and employers face in mind to provide a neat & easy-to-use solution.

Sounds too good to be true, right? Don’t worry: all of this is true. Keep reading to learn more details of how AllJobs is changing the game.

AllJobs Shows Job Seekers All Available Jobs

One of the biggest problems with online recruitment for job seekers is that there is no central source for them to focus their job search. Job listings are being spread across thousands of sites and various job boards like Indeed, Monster, LinkedIn, etc. 

Just take a look at the differences in the number of available jobs on each of the major jobs platforms:

This means that job seekers have to jump from platform to platform to find all jobs available to them. As they do this, they’ll also be forced to sort through duplicate postings and repeats across platforms. 

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 Even if a candidate was able to check all the job platforms out there, they still wouldn’t be seeing all jobs that are available. This is because search and social platforms (where over 75 percent of job searches start) provide access to less than 30 percent of jobs from direct employers. 

The jobs that candidates are seeing are almost always ones found on job boards with few displaying results directly from company career sites.

That’s where AllJobs Job Board comes in.

The AllJobs platform and technology is able to get information on jobs that are posted on any business or company career site, giving users access to over 90 percent of all jobs available online, which is currently about 8 million! As you saw earlier, no other job board even comes close to having 8 million jobs, with Indeed having the highest at just 4.7 million. 

“As an AI-based job-tech platform company, our vision is to enable universal access for job seekers to every available job directly pulled from employer career sites in real time,” says Venkat Janapareddy, CEO and Founder of AllJobs by Jobiak.

AllJobs Streamlines the Candidate & Job Seeker Experience

Simply creating a one-stop-shop is already a much more streamlined process for job seekers and employers. However, AllJobs does even more to improve the candidate experience.

Better Search

First of all, AllJobs’ search features make it simple for job seekers to find relevant job postings. Searching by industry, locations, job type, and keyword is easy on AllJobs. 

Not only that, but it’s effective.

AllJobs allows candidates to search by:

  • Category
  • Company
  • Location
  • Job Type
  • Date Posted
  • Skills & Abilities

AllJobs postings are optimized for easy & reliable search and organization to streamline the candidate experience and make it easier for the right applicants to apply to the right positions.

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 Easy Application Process

Studies have shown that 48 percent of applicants will drop off (aka halt the application process) thanks to complex systems. Employers are losing a significant chunk of potential candidates thanks to clunky candidate experiences, and it’s a waste of the job seeker’s time as well.

AllJobs has streamlined the notoriously long application process candidates have to go through on many job boards and sites. 

There’s a clear “apply now” button on all posts. Simply click, and the platform will take you directly to where you need to apply, many directly to a career site.

This is great for employers and job seekers alike seeing as 64 percent of candidates prefer to apply on a career site.

AllJobs Is Completely Free for Employers and Job Seekers

AllJobs has always been a dream of founder and CEO Venkat Janapareddy. He wanted to create an initiative that would truly change online recruitment marketing and recruitment technology for the better.

When he saw how job seekers and employers were struggling during this pandemic, he decided to move forward with the launch as a COVID-19 CSR relief initiative.

“We decided to delay the commercialization effort and immediately launch […] to do our bit in helping the country get back on its feet,” says one of Jobiak’s Advisory Board Members, Mallik Penamatsa.

Looking to fill positions without going over budget? 

Along with AllJobs, learn where you can post a job for free online here.

AllJobs Values Your Data Security & Protection

AllJobs never collects any of our users’ information. You may need to enter your email on site, but we do not store or collect this information or use it in any way. We also don’t collect user information at all.

Our data & security systems are set up to protect employer and job seeker information so you can feel safe and secure using our platform.

All Job Seekers and Employers Grow and Succeed with AllJobs by Jobiak 

AllJobs has ensured that this platform is accessible to all employers and job seekers. There’s no payment barrier, nothing forcing you to sign up or login, nothing required to use our platform. 

We wanted to make sure that everybody could benefit from and access this platform. 

Ready to get started? Head over to AllJobs today to get started on your online recruitment!

You can also learn more about online recruitment tips, strategies, and tools on our blog here.

Jobiak Launches AllJobs Platform: How This Free-to-Use AI-Based Platform Is Changing Online Recruitment