AllJobs Vs. Indeed: Why Does AllJobs Have 2x More Jobs?

The Only Jobs Distribution Platform for the Recruitment Industry

Benchmarked Against Indeed on Quality and Quantity of Jobs

Jobiak, as a technology partner for the recruitment industry has established itself as clear front runner by becoming the first and only AI/ ML based technology platform which can deliver any or all online jobs and generate applicants to service providers (job boards, search and social platforms, ATSs, RMPs etc.) in the recruitment industry. 

Jobiak’s two services are:

  • Global Jobs Distribution platform (GJDP) which scrapes, optimizes and stores every online job directly from an employer’s career page in near real-time. Currently have ~7M+, US-based direct employer jobs, of which ~40 to 50% are unique to Jobiak and not found on any other 3rd party site.  A small % of these ~7M jobs (~3-6%) will slip through due to some sites (e.g., Associations) which may seem to look like direct employer sites to our ML models.The industry leaders, including Indeed, LinkedIn, Zip recruiter, have less than 4M unique jobs each.  
  • Google for Jobs Optimization platform which optimizes and posts jobs on Google (where ~73% of all job searches start) with a 100% visibility rate and top 10 ranking in the job seeker’s search results.  Jobiak’s customers are seeing astounding results with the number of applicants ranging from 2-5x (compared to their internal or other vendor efforts) at an average CPA of ~$0.5 to 3.0 dollars.
“With Jobiak as a technology partner, service providers will have 100% of all jobs in their database + millions of applicants from Google for Jobs who can apply directly on their customers’ career pages presenting them with the opportunity to displace the market leader and generate millions in revenue”Venkat Janapareddy
CEO/ Founder

So, how was Jobiak able to scrape every online job on career pages where many others, including the industry leaders, failed to do? And, what makes Jobiak’s technology and the quantity/ quality of jobs they are able to access, better than the most dominant job networking platform on the planet, Indeed?

The focus of this article is on the GJDP product, how was Jobiak able to accomplish which no other could, its value to recruitment service providers (ATS, Search and Social platforms, RMAs, RMPs, Job Boards etc.) and how it compares to Indeed, the market leader. 

Whether it’s Indeed, LinkedIn, ZipRecruiter, Monster, or any other traditional job platform, they all have one dilemma in common i.e. getting access to all jobs posted on career pages and keeping them up to date. In addition, given the current market conditions with fewer applicants and lots of jobs, providers are seeing their CPA & CPC costs go up which they would like to control.  

The BIG Challenge for Recruitment Service Providers Today

“With our GJDP services substantially increasing the number of jobs and Google for Jobs optimization service driving applicants, Jobiak has been able to drive down the costs for our partners.  Jobiak is consistently delivering a great ROI with an average cost as low as  ~$0.5 to 3.0 dollars CPA (compared to industry average of $32.5) and 6 cents CPC (compared to industry average of $0.79)”
                                                                                      Mallik Penamatsa
                                                                                      Chief Strategy Advisor

How did Jobiak get 2x the number of Jobs than any other?

Jobiak’s technology is pure machine learning based, combined with a deep knowledge of the jobs/recruitment industry. Its ML platform’s true strength comes from a combination of various ML techniques including deepnet, ensemble and other statistical techniques with 118 million occupational associations, 600,000 nodes & 27 million edges between title & description, 17,500 soft skills, 600,000 job titles, 58,000, competencies (e.g., data analytics, UX designs) and 20 million trained jobs.  

Jobiak’s feature engineering team is also unique, with huge amounts of real data collected manually by resources in India, training and testing the models with millions of jobs. This process has taken 3+ years with ~120 dedicated professionals to perfect the models, produce high quality training data at low costs & high speed which allowed it to solve difficult problems quickly and accurately.

Jobiak has developed several technology pieces (machine learnt) that enable it to do the following with high accuracy to get nearly all ~7m jobs directly from company career sites (no job boards):

  • Find jobs posted on any given company website, not just big & structured job sites.  This is completely unsupervised, which enables it to feed millions of company websites and identify jobs directly from company pages
  • Extract jobs and job fields from highly unstructured job pages including pages that list multiple jobs on the same page. Also unsupervised, so no matter how unstructured the job page is, the technology extracts all information accurately
  • Automatically detect mistakes and correct them using machine learning post steps 1 & 2 above, also unsupervised

Examples of Jobiak’s technology technology which enables it to do the above things:

  • Career page detection:      ML models that can predict an optimal path to the career
                                              page given any company website
  • Deep Crawler:                   Ability to crawl pages, including pages and navigation
                                              rendered through JavaScript etc., with great depth
  • ML Labeling models:         Extract 9 job labels including description with high
                                              accuracy (92-97%).
  • Multi job pages separator: ML model to detect repetitive patterns in pages listing
                                              multiple jobs and breaking it up
  • Wrapper induction:           Detects and correct mistakes by analyzing patterns in job
                                             page URLs and labels for high precision and recall on all
                                             ML tasks
  • Expiry & New job prediction:  To optimally check for expired jobs and predict new additions

Jobiak uses ML models at each of these steps resulting in a fully automated & highly cost-effective platform. 

Global Jobs Distribution Platform – A Boon to Service Providers 

With Jobiak as a technology partner, any service provider has the potential to become the dominant player by providing a single-window access to every job in the industry and driving applicants from Google and other channels.  Others can choose to play in their business focus areas such as by industry or job category or geography etc. 

Search engines are a perfect target for needing access to every job.  Even the likes of Google and MSFT’s Bing present less than 40% of jobs to job seekers which goes against their vision of being the go-to source for everything.  With Jobiak, they can present 100% of all jobs to job seekers.

How Can Service Providers Compete?

Jobiak’s partner service providers will benefit immensely by differentiating themselves from their competitors, including industry leaders such as Indeed, by having better quality/ quantity of jobs, generating higher # of applicants at the lowest CPA, all of which can be accomplished with Jobiak’s technology.  The quality and quantity driven differentiating factors benchmarked against Indeed are provided below:

  1. Quality of Jobs

GJDP obtains jobs directly from the employer sites (and not from ATS, Job Boards etc.) and does not change the base content.  Hence Jobiak meets the needs of its customers matching their job specs such as job categories, status (posting date), data accuracy which today is consistent at ~90%. Jobiak’s ML/ AI technology is continuously improving and re-training its ML models which will further improve the quality of the jobs based and soon the data accuracy can exceed 95%+.

  1.  Quantity of Jobs

The ~7M jobs data comes from ~ 96k companies. Of these, over 45k of them had never been listed on any of the job search platforms including Indeed.  The service providers who partner with Jobiak can confidently claim that they have jobs of ~45k companies and ~2.5M jobs which even Indeed does not have.

Here is a sample of companies whose jobs do not show up on Indeed

“Almost 65% of the companies we have on GJDP are not found on Indeed or LinkedIn.”                                                                                           Venkat Janapareddy

In addition, they can also benefit, especially niche players, by promoting one or many of the following differentiators to attract their target segments.

  1. Missing Companies & Jobs by Industry on Indeed
Health Science368,8679,800
Business Management & Administration302,24325,048
Information Technology144,06315,295
Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics92,30610,218
Hospitality & Tourism90,1717,378
Transportation, Distribution & Logistics78,01810,292
Education & Training65,8956,202
Human Services55,6635,988
Architecture & Construction49,8967,560
Law, Public Safety, Corrections & Security47,6175,312
Arts, Audio/Video Technology & Communications34,1865,900
Government & Public Administration10,5393,075
Agriculture, Food & Natural Resources9,0532,229
  1. Missing Healthcare Jobs on Indeed

The healthcare industry was already experiencing rapid growth and staffing shortages before the COVID-19 pandemic. The U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that employment in healthcare between 2019-2029 is expected to grow 15%. That’s adding about 2.4 million jobs, and that number could end up being low, as the pandemic has spiked the need for health care workers. 

Indeed – Active Healthcare PositionsGJDP – Active Healthcare Positions
  1. Missing Jobs on Indeed by Top 10 cities in USA
New York, NY157,22871,976
Chicago, IL84,34655,033
Los Angeles, CA63,43841,933
Houston, TX61,74957,600
Atlanta, GA59,64638,557
Phoenix, AZ43,68833,774
Philadelphia, PA34,17927,269
San Antonio, TX35,20330,161
San Diego, CA52,15326,345
Dallas, TX56,97038,384
  1. Missing Jobs on Indeed in Top Cities by Unemployment
New Orleans, LA10,6438,285
North Las Vegas, NV1,8881,366
Detroit, MI19,67411,368
Newark, NJ5,9494,409
Las Vegas, NV25,27620,265
Long Beach, CA9,4884,824
Memphis, TN34,30716,438
New York, NY147,71772,619
San Bernardino, CA2,7422,182
Glendale, CA2,8342,571
  1. Missing Jobs on Indeed by Top States by Unemployment
New Jersey162,694139,898
New York381,714228,542
New Mexico43,67133,645
District of Columbia60,60530,906

Jobiak’s Technology vs. Indeed

Many organizations have attempted to build an AI/ ML-based recruitment technology, and none of them have come even close to Jobiak’s technology in terms of speed, quality, and efficiency. 

Jobiak’s technology is pure machine learning combined with deep knowledge of the jobs/recruitment industry. Jobiak’s tech is built with solid support from BigML (one of the world’s best machine-learning platforms.)

The job labels predictor, which was built for Google for Jobs two years ago, is the foundation for GJDP.  It has been working well, delivering consistent industry-leading results that no one in the industry has replicated.  Jobiak’s technology is the only machine learning platform in the world that can read a job URL in any language, format and generate job labels with a 97% accuracy. 

Come Partner With Jobiak and Increase Your Market Share –

Jobiak is the only service provider who has access to 100% of all online jobs which are kept current in real time with its industry leading AI-based technology platform. In addition, it fully leverages the power of Google to make any online job available in the top 10 of search results to ~73% of all job seekers driving 2-20x of applicants. 

This powerful combination of services makes it the ideal technology partner for those looking to find unique ways to grow their recruitment business.

Get access to any available job that you need to grow your business in real-time by industry, geography, job type etc. or them all, the choice is yours. You can post these jobs yourselves or Jobiak will post them for you on Jobiak’s ‘GJDP’ job board and/or Google for Jobs!
To learn more about partnership opportunities with GJDP, please reach out.

AllJobs Vs. Indeed: Why Does AllJobs Have 2x More Jobs?