AllJobs – How Did We Do It?

Jobiak is proud to announce that AllJobs, the world’s most inclusive job posting and job search network, has launched.  AllJobs is a Global Jobs Distribution Platform (GJDP). AllJobs is a one-stop source of all available jobs in real-time.  It is an industry-first, where over 90 percent of online jobs are consolidated in one spot. 

The team at Jobiak has been working hard for years to create the most accessible and all-encompassing jobs distribution platform, and we’re beyond excited to launch AllJobs. Although AllJobs has been in development for years, its release timing couldn’t be more fortunate or necessary. The global job market has been suffering greatly since the COVID-19 pandemic shut down entire markets in March of 2020. 

With many job seekers unemployed since early spring 2020 and many employers searching for capable candidates, it’s critical that there is an effective and free job posting and job search site to help the global workforce recover from the pandemic’s damage.  

The Importance of Universal Access to Jobs  

There are endless options when it comes to career sites and job boards. But not one of them genuinely offers free access to all employment opportunities across the internet. Many of the dominant career sites are gated with complex application processes that force job seekers to jump from one job board to another. It’s an unnecessarily cumbersome process. 

Businesses are at the mercy of whatever rates these job boards want to charge if they desire to generate visibility for their open positions and attract candidates. Workers of the world deserve a better way to connect with employers, and AllJobs is capable of delivering that to them. 

With over 11 million people in the United States unemployed and tens of millions more underemployed or furloughed, job seekers must connect with employers as quickly as possible without bureaucracy or financial strain.

The US and the world need a job board that is a single point of access to all open positions available online. No fees or bureaucracy, just direct access to the employer to apply as quickly as possible. Recognizing the need to help during the pandemic, Jobiak has decided to launch the AllJobs job board, by fully utilizing GJDP’s capabilities, now as a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative in order to better help employers and job seekers alike. It’s our hope that this innovative and unique job board will fast track the reduction of unemployment and help the country get back on its feet.

The Need for a Better Solution

As with any innovation, first comes the understanding of what is lacking and needed. Jobiak CEO and founder, Venkat Janapareddy, has been working in the online recruitment industry for decades. He was well aware of the pitfalls that come with the current online job posting platforms. 

Venkat understood that there was a need for higher visibility and access to jobs posted online. Over 80 percent of job seekers start their job search on search engines. However, anywhere from 40-50 percent of online job posts are missing from search engine results because the data is not correctly aligned with search engine schema requirements

Job seekers are driven towards 3rd party sites that muddle the application process with sign-ups, forms, and fees. This discouraging process results in a 34 percent drop-off rate of applicants. 

“There are around ten thousand online job boards worldwide, and 50 percent of them are dying.” -Venkat Janapareddy, CEO and Founder of AllJobs by Jobiak

With so much red tape and mismanaged client experiences, Venkat knew that the standard model of online job search and application was in desperate need of a change. The need was realized, and the goal was set – provide free universal access to 100 percent of online jobs. 

How Jobiak Created AllJobs 

It’s one thing to have a vision and dream, but bringing it into reality is where the real work begins. Venkat assembled a team of recruitment industry experts, along with top-tier data analysts and developers. A three-step process was conceptualized, and AllJobs by Jobiak was born. 

The Three Steps to Creating AllJobs

The first step in creating a job distribution platform like AllJobs is identifying ALL of the companies that host jobs online. All of these companies needed to be located and reconciled. This was a HUGE undertaking, and the AllJobs team worked tirelessly to accomplish this. 

With over 13 million companies listing jobs online, it took the AllJobs teams years to catalog, document, and arrange all online employers. You cannot share all of the jobs out there without knowing where they come from, and this monumental task could not have been completed without such a talented and devoted team.

Of course, with all these different companies using various application tracking systems (ATS), career boards, and career pages, AllJobs needed to develop new systems to locate the career pages within each of the millions of company websites. 

This task was the second phase in the creation of AllJobs. Using AI-based Machine Learning, we developed our proprietary systems to locate company career pages from an endless variety of websites. 

AllJobs pulls job data directly from the employer career pages, which is where many jobs remain unseen, dormant, and unknown to many qualified candidates. 

The final phase to creating AllJobs was developing the algorithms to scrape all job data from the company career pages and align it in a way that would be accessible to keep real-time job information accurate on the platform. Strategic research and data analytics applications were tried & tested for months before the AllJobs team was satisfied with the results. 

For the first time, real-time data sets for jobs were gathered, optimized, and organized within a system. The methods for crawling and extracting data from company career pages had been fully-realized and implemented. The team at Jobiak has accomplished a feat that no one else had done.  

Now, all online jobs are conveyed to job seekers as they search by company, category, pay, location, and skillset. And, of course, this is all free to our users. 

Why AllJobs Can Help Job Seekers Now

When AllJobs was first envisioned, there wasn’t a global pandemic affecting all people’s lives and livelihood around the world. 

Now that we are facing such a challenge, we are happy to have the opportunity from strategic alliances and provide access to a job distribution platform that has the power to help job seekers and employers without needing any compensation in return. 

If you’d like to learn more about AllJobs by Jobiak, please contact us.

AllJobs – How Did We Do It?