Why Should Job Boards Join AllJobs?

It’s an exciting, competitive, and activated time for online job recruitment and job discovery. Job boards and job hosting platforms are navigating the best ways to present jobs to candidates and create more visibility on open positions for businesses that are actively recruiting staff.

AllJobs by Jobiak, the first free Global Jobs Distribution Platform, recently made its debut. AllJobs lists  over seven million jobs for job seekers to review, a number that is climbing daily. 

AllJobs is excellent not only for job seekers, but also for employers and businesses of all sizes. AllJobs has helped streamline visibility and access to jobs that go otherwise unseen, stuck in the limbo that is corporate career pages. Employers can now receive the important qualified resumes that would have never otherwise made it into their hands. 

It took years of development by a completely devoted staff to develop the AllJobs platform. Developing AI-powered machine-learning technology, the first of its kind, to help crawl the internet for EVERY Job sitting on internal job boards and career pages was no easy task. But, the team at Jobiak pulled it off. 

For the first time ever, near real-time data sets were gathered, organized, and structured to present job data to any job seeker to join the platform.

The Competitive Online Job Board Market

Since the mid-2000s, it has seemed as though you couldn’t watch television or browse the web without a new job board platform soliciting your attention. Some had catchy names or enticing jingles, but all were vying for dominance over the other by garnering use from businesses and job seekers alike. 

After the flood of new players in the online job market, user-interest and user/business sign ups  would ultimately determine the fate of most. In fact, many have shrunk dramatically or no longer exist. Only the best job boards remain in this competitive market. 

“There are over ten thousand online job boards worldwide, and around ten of them dominate the entire market.” –Venkat Janapareddy, Jobiak CEO.

There are three key reasons behind the online job board market becoming quickly dominated by a few companies:

  • Access to jobs is a critical component to the success of any online job platform. Without access to a substantial number of jobs, the user base abandons the platform, and the gasoline that kept the engine running – runs out.  
  • User experience for job seekers needs to be intuitive and efficient. Many job board platforms don’t provide direct access to apply to the jobs they have listed, which leaves users frustrated. This trend leaves job boards with disinterested applicants and a drop-off rate of 34%. Convoluted, bureaucratic, and poorly designed user interfaces will ruin the reputation of an online job board. 
  • Finally, the lack of brand recognition and reliability becomes the death knell for 2nd tier online job boards struggling. Without major brand recognition or faith in the product, job seekers will stop searching on the platform, and employers will stop paying money to host/advertise their jobs. 

The dominant players in the job board market (think LinkedIn, Indeed, and ZipRecruiter) have found a way to secure faith in their product from end-users. Their success is primarily due to the access they have to jobs as well as their platform’s personalization features.

“LinkedIn has certainly revolutionized enabled a “job that comes to you” approach through employment history, profile personalization, recommendations, connections, and most importantly, user-generated content. Indeed, meanwhile, is increasingly using insights to steers applicants and employers alike.”

– Amrita Sharma and Vivek Vijayan, via ERE Media

Unfortunately for the job boards that find themselves losing users and losing jobs, the cycle is very hard to halt; however, there is hope, and there is a solution. 

The AllJobs Solution For Job Boards

With AllJobs by Jobiak, there’s an opportunity to use innovative technology to reinvigorate energy and participation with the job boards that are enduring a decline in activity, sign-ups, and number of jobs on their platform. 

The most powerful Global Jobs Distribution Platform available enables job boards to reclaim engagement and activity by giving their user base access to the large volume of jobs they would have never seen before.

Between AllJobs’ proprietary AI-driven technology cultivating greater job visibility and the power of Google for Jobs, the world’s dominant search engine, job boards can regain what they’ve lost, grow their platform significantly, and run in contention as one of the best job boards available. 

AllJobs partnering opportunities can be understood by looking at a company like Alliance Partners and applying the AllJobs solutions to their current model. 

By using AllJobs technology, Alliance Partners can drastically increase the number of jobs on their platforms. AllJobs will feed new jobs in real-time to Alliance Partners and optimize the positions for visibility amongst the most suitable candidates. Suddenly, seven+ million jobs that were isolated on internal career pages are visible for job seekers on the Alliance Partners platform. 

Jobiak is in a unique position to bring the AllJobs solutions directly to job board platforms. But, the capabilities don’t stop with the power of AllJobs. A partnership with AllJobs also grants the power of Google for Jobs. 

Over 73% of all job searches start on Google, which equates to over 300 million employment-related Google searches per month. Google for Jobs was launched in 2017, as Google wanted to create a job search platform that compiles job data from job boards and career websites. 

The team at Jobiak understood the unmatched power and potential of Google for Jobs. However, it became clear that businesses would need help aligning and optimizing their job data to match Google’s schema requirements – and that’s where Jobiaks services and technology came in to help. 
Now, job boards that partner with AllJobs will not only get the immediate influx of jobs from the AllJobs platform, but also benefit from the fact that every job on their job board has been optimized to post, rank, and garner visibility on Google for Jobs.

With the crawling, scraping, and organizing capability of AllJobs and Google’s search power, job boards can enter the ring as major contenders against the dominant competition. 

Connect With AllJobs By Jobiak

This time of market uncertainty and consolidation for online job boards also presents an invaluable opportunity; it’s clear that many online job boards need to adapt their models and breathe new life into their products, and it’s not too late to do so! 

Partnering with AllJobs and using the platform’s innovative job search solutions will create access to many more jobs, develop better brand visibility, and garner new and excited job seekers to sign-up and submit resumes. The best job boards of the future will be the ones that adapt their abilities now. 

To learn more about the opportunities presented by AllJobs, please don’t hesitate to reach out!

Why Should Job Boards Join AllJobs?