Why Social Media/Search Companies Should Align With AllJobs

The beginning of December 2020 marked the first time in history that an AI-based, free Global Jobs Distribution Platform (GJDP) would be available to the public. 

Now, job seekers have available at their fingertips a platform that makes it possible to view and apply directly to jobs that were previously trapped in internal career pages and the depths of large job boards. 

Employers and businesses are now able to make sure that their open jobs are accessible by millions of qualified applicants without having to worry about configuring their data and aligning it with highly technical schema requirements.  

AllJobs has successfully bridged the gap between job seekers and the online jobs that were difficult to find, even for those specifically looking for them.

So why would any of this matter to social media/search platforms? What do companies like Google for Jobs, Facebook for Jobs, or Bing lack within their enormously powerful platform(s)? 

The answer is relatively straightforward. If these companies are to grow their branded job boards, they’ll need more jobs.  AllJobs has the technology and resources to fill that gap.

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Though dominant in many ways, these platforms lack the millions of jobs needed to present themselves as something their users would consider a reliable job search method. The question is, does that job-providing solution exist?

The History of Creating A Better Online Job Solution

Venkat Janapareddy, Jobiak and AllJobs Founder and CEO, knew there was a problem with the way online job boards functioned. To put it lightly, job visibility was lacking on both sides of the equation. Job seekers could not find open positions, and employers had no straightforward way of generating open position awareness. 

Traditionally, many jobs posted online have been trapped in internal organizational career pages, where they are seen only by candidates who are sent directly to those pages, that are researching that specific company, or that just happen to stumble onto a given page. 

The alternative option for job seekers is to use large job board platforms. While these are a reasonable alternative, they don’t have access to all online jobs. It’s difficult for businesses to align their job data to be recognized by the platform(s)’ indexing tools. Employers do not gain much from this model, as they need to pay for job visibility to ensure that their jobs are presented to the top candidates. This can present hurdles for SMBs; they either endure the costs of advertising jobs or leave jobs unseen in their hard-to-find internal job boards. 

Venkat knew there had to be a better way for both parties, job seekers and employers alike, to connect without enduring technical red tape or financial expenditure. 


Venkat understood there was massive potential for successful job posting when the most powerful search platform in the world, Google, launched Google for Jobs in 2017. 

Suddenly, the world’s most dominant search platform had created a tool to present jobs to users while on-page/in-app. The need to search and jump between job board websites was over, or was it? 

Even with its incredible search power and massive user base, Google for Jobs had not completed the secret sauce. Google’s algorithm was not indexing business’ internal jobs boards. Google’s schema requirements were complicated for companies to align with, and businesses didn’t care to spend the money or time having their developers meet Google’s demanding data standards. 

Jobiak was developed to help businesses of all sizes and the recruitment industry to align their job data with Google for Jobs to seize the potential of over 300 million employment-related searches per month. 

AllJobs – The Next Step 

Now, after years of development, For the first time, near real-time data sets are being gathered, organized, and structured to present job data to any job seeker. 

Venkat and the team took what they had learned and developed with Jobiak. They created their own platform to make the undiscoverable jobs discoverable—successfully connecting employers with job seekers during a very difficult time for the planet.  

AllJobs has landed, and the first free Global Jobs Distribution Platform (GJDP) is ready for users and partners to take advantage of its potential. 

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How Social Media/Search Platforms Will Benefit From AllJobs’ Technology

With monthly user bases in the hundreds of millions, if not multiple billions, social media platforms are not lacking for activity. However, they do not have access to all the jobs needed to convince users that their proprietary job board platforms are worth using.

Many of the big job boards have struggled with is giving job seekers direct access to the jobs presented to them. The application process sends job seekers to multiple different sites, leaving them frustrated with the experience and more likely to drop off.

“They don’t have direct jobs, and they made the process too hard – they did it to themselves.” 

Venkat Janapareddy, Jobiak CEO.

A partnership with AllJobs is the solution that social media/search platforms need to establish themselves as a trusted job-source for their user base. AllJobs has industry-first AI-driven technology to crawl, collect, and optimize job data. Data that was previously siloed within millions of internal career pages can now be present job opportunities to hundreds of millions of users.  

Social media platforms with trusted access to millions of jobs can present those jobs to their user bases and, just like that, immediately become viable contenders with the largest job board platforms like Indeed or LinkedIn.

Learn more about the ways in which a partnership with AllJobs can increase market share.

Connect With AllJobs To Change The Game

Job seekers dislike two characteristics that can plague the online job search experience. The first is confusing user interfaces and roundabout processes for applying to jobs. A lack of complete on-site experience consolidation. The second is the lack of jobs, or being presented with the same positions repeatedly. 

Social media/Search platforms have the potential to extinguish those job search unpleasantries with much greater ease than job board platforms can, thus creating a dominant foothold in the online job search market. 

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Why Social Media/Search Companies Should Align With AllJobs